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Rovio Entertainment Ltd. created a new game called Battle Bay. BB is a real-time multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) available on iOS and Android devices. Player take control of a single ship in one of two teams. Each team have five players, your mission is to destroy all of your opponents. In the beginning, you have to complete quick tutorial, which will teach you basic of the game.

Now you can choose between different ships. There are five classes of ships:

  • The Defender – ton of health points and extremely slow, these are unique abilities for this class.
  • The Shooter – starting ship, rather balanced class, can equip multiple weapons.
  • The Speeder – low health points, extremely agile and very quick.
  • The Enforcer – next rather balanced class with high ship agility and decent health points.

After you find a most suitable ship, you can go to next step. Like in other classical RPGs, you can choose your weapon from cannons, grenades, and torpedoes. You can upgrade and fuse your weapons, armors and other items. You can also choose from various skills and abilities, which will help you on the battleground.

Remember that there is no something like the best ship in BB. You have to pick one that is most suitable for you.

Guilds, Tournaments, and Quests

Is worth to mention that there is guild system, which enables you to chat with your guildmates and together conquer your enemies. Top guilds will be properly rewarded; you can check your position on guild leaderboard.

Thanks, quests you can easy earn gold and sugar, there is also a small chance for rare items. The last thing are tournaments, where you can prove your abilities and win exclusive rewards!


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