God Wars Hack Tool and Cheats 2017

God Wars Cheats 2017 and Generator

God Wars is a brand new browser-based fantasy game, developed by R2. Your job is to eliminate the invading monsters, demons and various creatures, which want to destroy your land. To save your country you have to recruit powerful heroes of different classes and races to crush your enemies. You have also built and develop your city and make your servant happy. Developers bring refreshing combat system, real-time skill selection, and realistic arenas. As you can see, the game looks like a mix of strategy and classic browser-based RPG.

In the beginning, I said that players recruit heroes, but after you start the game, you have also chosen your character class. Developers bring us only three classes:

  • Mages – They are rather a weak by nature, without exceptional fighting skill or physical power. They pick up their wands, and all is under their control. Mages have come to this world in search of greater magic powers, hoping to find the magic culture left behind by the gods.
  • Warriors – They are always on the front lines of battle with their great swords in hand. They have come to the Land of Gods to prove themselves and crush the evil.
  • Archers  – They are rather a week, but still stronger than mages. They always on the midlines of battle with their crossbows and bows. They have come to this world to find information about their ancestor.

The gameplay is nothing new, players who’re love games like League of Angels 2, Naruto, and other browser-based RPGs will find in this title grateful joy!


What about God Wars Cheats?

We prepared a simple app, which can generate unlimited amount of Crystals, Prestige, Gold and Diamonds which you can spend on new buildings, heroes, skills, and abilities. With this Generator, you can quickly reach the top players, without spending even a penny. God Wars Hack 2017 is a simple cure for your problems. You also should remember that our Cheat Tool is quite easy to use, and what’s most important is safe to use!
If you have any questions about the app or our website, please contact us. In the end, you can take a look at gameplay. Enjoy!

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